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Impowered Plant’s Tree’s!

Partnered with TreeEra Impowered will be contributing to the planting of trees on a global scale. We know the issue of climate change is borderless, which is why we support causes that strive for our efforts to always be global. Since TreeEra started in 2016 the community has planted 68,069 trees.

Three years later, they are proud to say that they have supported planting projects across the globe. The Global approach allows us to plant various species at varied times throughout the year. We’re proud to plant trees with partners in British Columbia, Ontario, Africa and Costa Rica.

2018 Project Highlights

Kamloops, B.C. with Brinkman & Associates, one of the leading tree-planting companies in North America. The area was devastated by the McLure fire which burned for 75 days straight and destroyed 26,000 hectares of forest, 72 homes and 9 businesses while seeing 3,800 people evacuated from the area.